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Tips for staying healthy

| Wed August 1st 2018
Photo Tips for staying healthy

Why clean his body thoroughly?

Detoxination is a very important principle in naturopathy because it helps to rebalance the internal environment with the goal; disease prevention.

Practiced in the form of a cure, its purpose is to cleanse, cleanse and drain the body and to expel waste and overloads. The elimination organs (liver, intestines, kidneys, skin, lungs) are then activated to stimulate elimination.

During this two hour workshop, we will see :

     - why and how to clean our body deeply

     - what are the types of waste that circulate and are stored in our body

     - when to do drainages

     - what are the different detoxification techniques that can be used; fasting, monodiètes, herbal medicine

     - which plants are particularly recommended and what is their mode of action

     - how to prepare an infusion and a decoction?


We will taste a draining herbal tea during the workshop.


This workshop is led by a naturopath who is a graduate of IFSH (French Institute of Human Sciences and Dargère School)

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