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Postural Stretching for a toned body

| Wed February 21st 2018
Photo Postural Stretching for a toned body

Coaching in Villa Lucia

After our excursion around Essaouira, this morning postural stretching session in the gardens of Villa Lucia. Customers are delighted. 3 hours from Paris, the sun and the scenery are waiting for you.

POSTURAL STRETCHING, helps rebalance the body, unwind muscle tension and tone deep. A gentle, very complete method combining toning, stretching and muscle relaxation for an immediate sensation of well-being.

The principle: from a posture, one creates a stretch that engages deep muscles, the postural muscles, mainly those of the back. These are permanently solicited to stabilize the spine when moving. This improves his posture and we find joint mobility. The body is more supple and all the muscles are toned in depth thanks to the toning stretching exercises. It tones and refines its silhouette.

Breathing is the key to the method, these are specific breaths that cause the body and mind to relax: a little breathing during the postures, a great relaxation breathing at the end of each posture and a softer end of the body. meeting.

Without any indication, SENTIMENT OF WELL-BEING immediate.

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