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How to combine Food and Health?

| Wed August 1st 2018
Photo How to combine Food and Health?

Take care of yourself

How to identify eating behaviors that affect our health, vitality and balance?

What concrete choices to make in our purchases, our kitchen?

Hippocrates, Greek physician of Antiquity (5th century BC) had affirmed the primacy of food in health: "That your food was your first medicine"

Our body is, in fact, the vehicle that allows us to go through life and food is its main fuel. Food therefore plays a fundamental role for health and well-being, vitality.

To know the basics of the nutritional needs, allows to choose well and to adapt its food according to the composition of the food (carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, vitamins, minerals ...) and the individual needs, variable according to the metabolism, the age and activity of each.

There is no question here of "diet", there is no deprivation, but a true food hygiene.

The individual consultation will allow you to answer these different questions. All categories of foods and the benefits of each will be studied to compose balanced meals, easy to reproduce at home.

This consultation will be offered by a naturopath who graduated from IFSH (French Institute of Human Sciences and Dargère School)


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