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Healthy cooking

| Mon June 4th 2018
Photo Healthy cooking

Energy and vitality

To complete the coaching and well-being sessions, L'Atelier de Corinne is surrounded by a naturopath who will advise you in the preparation of your meals. Practical workshops of healthy, organic and rejuvenating cooking with tasting of the meal.

Rejuvenating food is not a restrictive diet. It is a food change to bring smoothly and sustainably, in order to rebalance your plates.

The Workshops will teach you to quickly cook gourmet and perfectly balanced natural dishes as well as find alternatives to diversify your daily meals.

Creativity and taste discoveries will be there !!!

First appointment at the DETOX WEEK AND FITNESS from 14 to 21 September 2018 in Essaouira.

During an individual coaching stay, L'Atelier de Corinne will offer you the naturopath's services to:

     - advice on food and health, consultation 2 hours

     - tips on the art of detoxification, consultation 2 hours

     - learn how to make your own face care for your skin type, 2 hour workshop

     - advice on essential oils, how to choose them, how to use them properly and make a selection of 10 essential oils essential in the family medicine kit.

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