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Healthy and Detox Cooking Workshop

| Wed August 1st 2018
Photo Healthy and Detox Cooking Workshop

Learn how to prepare your meals

Rejuvenating food is not a restrictive diet.

How to change your eating habits in order to rebalance your plate and thus gradually regulate cravings or other excesses.

We offer a cooking workshop, to put into practice the theoretical bases seen together.

     How to quickly cook natural dishes ?

The three main categories of nutrients:

     - Proteins : animal proteins (what are the good cooking ?)

                        vegetable proteins (how to combine them, to make them germinate and how to cook them ?)

     - Lipids : what are the good fats we need ?

                    how to cook them to keep their nutrients ?

     - Carbohydrates : what are the good carbohydrate bases ?

                                  how to combine them to refuel ?



Together we will prepare a complete meal with fresh, organic and healthy ingredients. The permaculture garden offers us a wide variety of products.

 Most of the cooked meals will be gluten-free and dairy-free to diversify the recipes and facilitate digestion.


Sample menu that we will prepare together :

     - gluten-free bread

     - Fresh vegetable juice detoxifying and revitalizing

     - spreadable, with seeds and seasonal vegetables

     - a balanced vegetarian dish

     - a healthy and delicious dessert

The opportunity to give you tips to practice detox days with various monodiètes and varied.


This workshop to 4 hours, will be led by our delightful Anne Gaelle.

Group of 4 people, minimum

Group of 8 people, maximum


Come join us to share a moment of conviviality around the furnaces !!!


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