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A discovery of essential oils

| Wed August 1st 2018
Photo A discovery of essential oils

How to use them ?

Since the dawn of time, man has always sought to use the riches offered by nature to live better and heal. Formerly, considered as real precious substances, the essential oils were used to cure diseases of the body and the soul.

Even today, they are very appreciated for their many therapeutic virtues.

Here is a fun and practical Workshop to better use them :

     - What is an essential oil ?

     - how are they extracted from plants?

     - how to choose your essential oils?

     - which are the main families of essential oils and their benefits?

     - how to use them?

A selection of 10 essential oils, essential in the family medicine kit will be given to you. Versatile therapeutic oils that are easy to use and safe to use

This workshop is led by a naturopath who is a graduate of IFSH (French Institute of Human Sciences and Dargère School) 

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